Download Opera Mini for PC - Laptop on Windows (7/8.1/10) and Mac

Technology has transformed our lives completely today, our day-to-day activities are all dependent on technology. It has made things faster and easier until utilized in a positive direction. The Internet especially has acted as a major tool in making things convenient.

Today there are smartphones, where we download apps that need Play store but to browse the internet, there is a need for an excellent mechanism or medium that will give you a great access to the internet. Websites like Google that is a huge search engine, billions of people daily searches on Google which is not possible to do without a browser. And as it is said ‘Supply creates its own demand’ applications are now available for browsing, technology brings innovation in everything. So, today we are here to throw some light on “Opera Mini” which is brilliant browsing app and gives faster access to the internet.

About Opera Mini:

There is so much content on the internet that sometimes even mobile data is not sufficient, so when it comes to saving data Opera always comes to mind. If you spend a lot of time on browsing then you should definitely checkout Opera Mini.

Opera Mini was launched in the year 2006 worldwide. This is primarily designed for smartphones, which are quite handy and trendy nowadays. It can be used on both though smartphones and PCs, Version 5 of Opera Mini make it available for  Android, bada, iOS, Symbian OS, and Windows Mobile. It is free of cost, available on all the operating systems and can be easily set as a default browser. This app helps you reach the websites you want to search on, in just a single app with great speed.

You have the option of bookmarks, which means whatever you want to see later just save it and check it out offline. On the speed dial there are few ads and news feeds that you can look out to. The basic features that all browsing apps have are available too like sharing, history, page search, etc. Apart from that you can open tabs for private browsing too and easy to switch tabs.

The user interface is simple yet compelling. Image quality can also be selected as Low, Medium, or High. Opera Mini has search bar that may have default search engines like Wikipedia or Google, you can add more search engines as per your wish. Facebook is the top grossing app on social media, but if you open it on Opera Mini then you can even get FB’s notification even if you are not using Facebook app.

There is a night mode that prevents eyes to get strained, especially for browsing images. Managing downloads is quite easier, sites load appropriately and there are pretty more features of Opera Mini, but saving data makes it quite special. We will quickly and briefly check out the key features of Opera Mini further.

Download Opera Mini for PC/Laptop on Windows:

Opera mini is easily available for mobile phones, but if you want to have it on PC/Laptop then follow these steps-

  • Open the web browser available and search ‘Bluestacks’ which is an android emulator that will allow you to download apps on PC.
  • Then download it from the authentic website and leave it for few minutes until it is downloaded.
  • Then find the setup file and double click it, so that the executable file starts to install,
  • It will take few minutes to install, depending on the internet connection.
  • After installation launch the app.
  • It will automatically control the PC’s resources, making things easier for you.
  • Now open the app, and search Opera Mini and download it.
  • Wait till it download, and then open the app and enjoy numerous attractive features of Opera Mini and experience a great browsing app.

There are other softwares available too, but Bluestacks is simpler, faster and effective. Opera mini is an excellent app for data saving and faster browsing and is definitely a great pick. So, if you have it then you already know about it, and if not don’t wait and experience the world of effective browsing. If you don't have Bluestacks then Download Bluestacks for PC here.

Features of Opera Mini for PC:

  • You can save the websites to read later anytime anywhere, so it’s like carrying a book of your favorite websites.
  • Sharing has a lot of importance in social media platforms nowadays, Opera Mini holds this attractive feature that if you like a page and want to show it to the world; then there is a ‘Share’ icon in Opera’s menu. So you can share it to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Opera browser finds your search term and highlights all occurrences in the page, allowing you to cycle through them.
  • One of the most advanced feature of the app is that there is a ‘Download Manager’ for phones, you can keep a track of your downloads, see them in the notification bar, pause or cancel them.
  • There is a sophisticated bookmark management, you can save, edit and organize the bookmarks into folders and have them whenever you need them.
  • History is also an important feature; you can easily go back to the pages you visited before.
  • When you find a page that you would like to keep, use Opera’s Save Page feature, and you can access it any time, without having to wait for it to download—even with no Internet connection.
  • Opera is the first major browser that can block ads for you, which indirectly makes Opera run faster.
  • With the numerous tab options available, multitasking is possible and that too with a good speed.
  • If there is slow internet connection then Opera can compress pages for faster browsing.
  • There are animated themes available so that you can make Opera look quite creative and colorful.
  • Opera keeps your browsing save, so you can enjoy surfing the internet without worrying about the privacy.
  • Tabs can be easily managed, open when you need and close when you don’t.
  • Sometimes the writing and images are quite smaller on the page, Opera will provide you page zooming.
  • If your browser crashes, Opera automatically saves the last session and when you open the browser you will find them accordingly.

If you have any type of queries regarding how to Download Opera Mini for PC/Laptop then please comment below.