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Anime, over the years, have come to be one of the most liked genres of entertainment in television & media. It is basically a style of Japnese cartoon, which are usually hand-drawn & animated using computers. There are many viewers of this genre worldwide, also aretheire critics, but that’s how the world is supposed to be.

Kissanime, the Official Website:

Kissanime is a website, which allows the users or viewers to watch cartoon & anime movies or clips online for free of cost & in high quality. The viewers can go to the site & enjoy a wide range of Anime series without paying a penny.

The official Kissanime website itself is a library of different anime related videos & clips. The website is so popular that there are visitors of about 21% from the United States, 14% from India, 7% from the United Kingdom, 5% from the countries of Japan & Indonesia. So that suggests a number of viewers it has in the whole worldwide.

There are options for signing up or registering to the site for an account. Having an account always helps, because that way you are getting more closer to the website & you will be able to enjoy or make use of some more better features. The website is rapidly wide spreading & growing up, progressing to be one of the biggest names in the world’s entertainment websites.

Some More About Kissanime:

Kissanime has 2 versions of it, one for the PC & another for mobile phones.  The official site of Kissanime has a Home option which showcases the new arrivals or the most trending videos presently.

  • Then there is Anime List option, which has a long list of numerous numbers of anime movies, videos & clips sorted out serially in the alphabetical order.
  • Then comes, the Cartoon List, which is, similar to the previous option. Here a list of numerous cartoon movies, series & videos are listed serially in alphabetical order.
  • After that is the Mobile option which is for the phone users. If the viewer wishes to watch anything on his or her phone, they can do that clicking on this option, and it will instantly start working properly in the phone adapting to the phone’s system.
  • Then comes the Report/Request option, which shows you the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), you can report or request anything you like or dislike about the site. This process helps the developers to maintain a balance between the interrelationship of the users & the website itself.
  • Then there is a Forum, which leads the users to a page where there is a “kiss community” where people from all over the world share or discuss ideas, views, etc.
  • The Read Manga option which is the next option leads to another page of similar content as of the Kissanime, which is again, all about Mangas & comics. The Manga page contains options of Home, Manga List, Comic List, Report Error, Request Manga, Forum, & Watch Anime. There’s another alternative of Watch Drama as the last option of Kissanime web page.

Some Other Options are Featured in the Kissanime Official Website:                            

Kiss Manga, like the Kissanime, is a web page dedicated to Manga, which is a style of Japanese comic book or graphical novels. The Manga are generally aimed at adults as well as kids. The web page is a library of a huge collection of Manga & Comics contents.

The page has some options like the home, which showcases the trending, the most popular & the new arrivals of the genre. The second option is the Manga List, which contains the lists of the Manga related videos, clips & movies, which are sorted alphabetically.

The next option featured is the Comic List, which has the lists of the collections of comics, both Japanese & internationally known, sorted in alphabetical order as well. Then there is a Report Error, which is a dedicated place for the reports or queries the users or viewers have regarding the website

Request Manga is the next option, which is basically an information page regarding the communities of the Kiss Manga website. Forum is a community page where people discuss about the page. Watch Anime is again, another page with some other anime movies & clips.

Kiss Asian:

There is an option of Watch Drama in the Kissanime’s official page. On choosing the option, you will be automatically redirected to another page called Kiss Asian. This too is similar to the previously discussed Kissanime & Kiss Manga pages. Like the mentioned 2, this page is all about another genre of movies, the Drama.

Here you will find all kinds of Japanese dramas, ever released  in Japan alone & globally. The page has too many features in it which make it easier for the viewers to use the website like a pro . The options are actually availed for the viewers so that they have a better internet surfing experience while they are browsing through the website.

There is a gallery of dramas, dated from the 80’s to the recently released. The home page shows some recommendations by the website, which are either trending, most viewed, most searched, or are very popular.

However, the copyrights that the contents (animes, cartoons, mangas, comics & dramas) hold are the properties of the owners & makers of the contents, themselves, individually. The website has no rights over those documentations, as claimed by the Kissanime website.

Kissanime Unofficial APK:

Kissanime has no official apk. However, there is an unofficial apk which is not available on Google Play Store. It can be downloaded from the internet. Will there be any Kissanime official app? Nothing has been told as for now by the developers, but we all can expect the good news soon enough. After all, the website is only 3 years & 6 months old.

This is a perfect example of globalization, where everything is done online. As we take a step towards the future, these kinds of changes are sure to be expected. The Kissanime website is a new way to watch animes, mangas, cartoons & dramas. There could be more developments on the website in the near future, but we will have to wait for that as of now.