Download KingRoot APK File Latest Version 4.9.6 for Android Free

Rooting on Android phones is a procedure through which some hidden features will get explored which the manufacturer do not want the users can use. While manufacturing an Android phone or tablet, there will be some limitations or restrictions under which a user need to operate the device. There are some security protocols which the manufacturers included in the device which restrains users from using the device to its full features. But, there are many Android users who want to get rid of this limitation or restrictions and become the developer of their own device. For that purpose, rooting is necessary on Android devices. And KingRoot APK is the exactly matched file for this purpose.

What is KingRoot APK?

KingRoot APK is an Android setup file which will install the KingRoot app on your Android phone. It is one of the best available rooting apps in the market and you can get it for free. KingRoot rooting app will unlock some extra features on your device and give you the opportunity to become the master of your own handset. Also, you can unroot your device if you want.

KingRoot APK works on almost all the Android devices, however, there might be some models on which it didn't work properly. So, you need to check your device before installing. We have seen that KingRoot app doesn't work properly on Moto G devices. So, check your device first whether it is compatible or not.

After rooting your Android phone with Ki2ngRoot, your device will be faster, the backup power of the battery will increase and also your device will act as a game booster. You will experience a whole new interface on the device with some features like bug fixing, delete some pre-installed apps and much more. You can save your memory space by removing some unwanted app or software which you can't access before rooting. Moreover, junk files also get cleaned during the rooting process.

But rooting is a risky process too. You need to understand some basic things before proceed with rooting.

Things to Know before Rooting an Android Phone with KnigRoot App:


1. Rooting will void the manufacturer warranty of your device.

2. It might possible your device can be brick or damaged during or after rooting process. No one will be responsible for it, neither the KingRoot app developer nor we. So, be confident enough before going for rooting. Else, you can take you sometimes more and do some more research.

3. After rooting your Android phone, If you do not like this or get back your previous device, then you can unroot it.

4. As rooting will increase your device's smartness and give it the highest administration right, at the same time, there will be more chances of getting affected by malware and viruses. However, KingRoot app will make the rooting process more safe and secure.

5. Before going for rooting, you need to learn the basic things that require after rooting your device. For example, BusyBox is a must app for a rooted phone. So, some knowledge and skills required.

Features of KingRoot APK:

  • One of the most popular as well as best rooted apps for Android phone.
  • Freely available.
  • Most reliable and trusted rooting app.
  • KingRoot supports almost all the Android devices. However, some models might not be supported by it.
  • One tap rooting app.
  • The app gets updated frequently on a regular basis. So, more features will be added as well as the number of supporting devices also gets increased.
  • It gives you secured rooting than any other rooting apps.
  • KingRoot has the record of highest success rate. It has the success rate of 98.2% , that means nearly all the devices gets rooted successfully with KingRoot app.
  • It supports even lowest Android version 2.3 to latest 6.0.

 Download KingRoot APK latest version 4.9.6 :

Download the latest KingRoot APK 4.9.6 from here. KingRoot app is not available on Google play store. So, you need to download it from a third party link. We are here giving you the download link of KingRoot APK.

How to Install and Root with KingRoot app:

Before downloading and install the APK file, you need to follow this.

  • First of all, you need to enable your Android Device's Unknown Source option. And to do it, simply go to Settings > Security > Unknown SourcesAnd enable it.
  • Now, go to the above-given download link and download the APK file.
  • After downloading, the file, click on it and tap on 'Next'.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and tap on 'Install' button. Wait for sometimes.
  • Once the installation completes, open the KingRoot app.
  • There will be an option 'Start Root'. just tap on it.
  • Now the rooting will start and it will take few times. Just wait until the rooting finishes.
  • Once rooting completes, you will see the rooted screen on your Device. And in this way, your Android device will get rooted successfully.

How to Unroot your Device After Rooting?

If you wanted to go back to the previous state of your device, then also it's possible. For this, just follow the steps -

  • Go to the Google play store and install Super SU from there.
  • Now, open it and tap on the settings menu.
  • Find the 'Full Unroot' option there and click on it.
  • Wait for few minutes and once it completes, you will get back your device to the original state.

Now, you will know how to root an Android device using KingRoot APK as well as unroot it. So, now just go through it and unlock the new features of your Android phone.